Blog: Aug 2017

Politics Session at Dorchester Drop In Group

31 August 2017

Politics is just one of the many topics we have discussed at Dorchester Drop In Group.

Early autism recognition for the right support

30 August 2017

“Life is a curious thing. Because our daughter contracted a cold and developed a fever, she suffered a febrile seizure at 16 months old. Having this seizure ultimately led to a diagnosis for Rose,” comments Claire Johnson, Rose’ Mum

Curly Hair Project Courses in Dorset

29 August 2017

The curly hair project (CHP) is a social enterprose dedicated to supporting females with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and other autism spectrum disorders (ASD). CHP runs a range of courses to help people on the autism spectrum and families/supporters of adults and children with autism conditions. They have let us know about the following courses coming up in Dorset that are available to book.

Autism Wessex and Poole Child Development Centre drop in sessions

25 August 2017

We have teamed up with Poole Child Development Centre specialists to offer more drop in sessions for parents.

GPs to Record Autism Diagnosis on Patient Records

14 August 2017

Did you know that new National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines published this month recommend that GPs set up registers of which patients are on the autism spectrum? Many people are surprised that this is not something that already happens as standard but some people might have concerns about what this means.

MAXIMUS Foundation UK Awards Grant to Information and Advice Service

10 August 2017

We are delighted to have received a generous grant of £2,500 from MAXIMUS Foundation UK to fund our Information and Advice service.

How to support people with autism

2 August 2017

You can’t see autism and unless someone tells you they have autism, the following points should be considered when dealing with any of our customers.

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