How to support people with autism

2 August 2017

You can’t see autism and unless someone tells you they have autism, the following points should be considered when dealing with any of our customers. 

People with autism may:
• Have communication difficulties
Be anxious or confused
Take longer to process instructions or demands
• Behave in a manner that could appear alarming
• Be vulnerable and need support
What can you do to help?
Suspend your judgement, offer assistance.  
• If a person discloses their condition, ask how best you can help them.  Written instructions can help.
• Allow the person time; to process their surroundings, your questions and their responses.  Silence can be good!
• You should be clear when asking for information or questioning someone. Do not assume that the person will pick up on your non-verbal communication or the underlying message if it is peppered with small talk or niceties.
• Sometimes people will ask or complain about what may seem an insignificant point. These should still be listened and responded to. 
Set an example – be consistent and appropriate!  

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