Meet Rose. Rose is 4 years old and is one of our current students at Portfield School. Rose’s mum, Claire, tells us a little more about Rose:

“Rose has recently started at Portfield, September 2016, and is 4 years old and so in mainstream school she'd be considered Reception. Rose has come on leaps and bounds since joining Portfield and we cannot thank the staff enough for ensuring Rose follows a curriculum that is specific to her strengths and needs. Within a week of starting school Rose was using PECS and this has opened up a new world of communication. Rose loves school and bounds in every morning and comes out with a big smile every afternoon. The progress she is making is obvious to all.”

Early on the Spectrum: stories of diagnosis and early autism intervention

We are striving to provide a welcoming, age-appropriate pathway from nursery to special school. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of early educational interventions to respond to diagnosis of ASC. Research shows that early intervention makes a big difference to a child’s development leading to improved outcomes for children with autism, including higher intelligence, and increased social and daily living skills. We hope to provide for the need arising in placing 4-5 year olds in a specialist environment whilst at the same time improving the outcomes for every unique child on the autism spectrum

See our plans for our new Early Years Centre...

The building is currently undergoing a complete refit, to ensure it offers a much more flexible, Early Years appropriate teaching and learning space. This will include separate rooms for individual teaching/intervention work, a play area that can be separated from the main classroom, role play zones, in-house sensory/ soft play areas, reading den, dressing up areas, and state-of-the-art teaching resources such as Smart Boards and interactive white boards.

Want to find out more about this project? Contact us and come and take a look - we'd love to show you around!

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